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Supplementary material associated with lectures, workshops, competitions etc
Find below presentations from latest talks and additional links, if available.

Dr. Liam Saddington University of Cambridge) 16th November 2023
Beyond ‘Sinking Islands’: Resisting Climate Change in Tuvalu
Presentation in pdf format

Dr. Chris Spencer (UWE) 17th October 2023
Flood risk on the Somerset coast:causes and effective management solutions
Presentation in pdf format

Dr. Gemma Coxon (University of Bristol) 27th September 2023
The future of the UK’s water supply
Presentation in pdf format

See also Geography at University: advice and guidance

Dr. Negar Elodie Behzadi (University of Bristol) 6th December 2022
Coalminers in Tajikistan
Presentation in pdf format

Dr. Harry West (UWE) 22nd November 2022
A Tale of Two Rivers: The Water Cycle & River Catchment Hydrology
Presentation in pdf format

Dr. Rachel James (University of Bristol) 18th October 2022
Adapting to climate change in Africa. To follow up, see this link.
Presentation in pdf format

Prof. Rich Harris (University of Bristol) 9th March 2021
Online talk focussing Geographies of Covid. To follow up, see this link.
Link to medRxiv version of the material covered in this talk

Dr. Chris Williamson (University of Bristol) 2nd March 2021
Blooming algae: Microbes and ice sheets
Online talk focussing on the the role of algae and ice melt, spatial variation and the practicalities of doing such science in extreme environments. Presentation in pdf format.
Chris also linked this work in the cryosphere (cold zones) with algal blooms closer to home. To follow up, see these links.
Black and Bloom project
Bloomin’ Algae – a Citizen Science app by Centre of Ecology and Hydrology

Dr. Chris Spencer (Senior Lecturer, UWE) 22nd October 2019
Floods risks on the Somerset coastline
Management of coastal systems and flood risk in the Severn Estuary. Powerpoint for download.

Dr. Stroma Cole (University of the West of England) 24th September 2019
Human Rights: Lecture in pdf format
Talk on tourism and human rights – justice and ethical dilemmas. Presentation in pdf format.

Plastics in the Ocean – competition 2019
Guidance and links available in pdf format
Lecture slides by Eleni Michalopoulou, University of Bristol, Cabot Institute. Presentation in pdf format.

Dr. Jo House (University of Bristol) 6th November 2018
Carbon and land use/forests: Lecture in pdf format.
Talk on carbon cycle: land use, land use change and forestry and more by Jo House. Numerous links to carbon calculators on slides, but see also Video of cropland expansion 800-2100

Geographical perspectives on human trafficking and smuggling: Lecture in pdf format.
This challenging material reveals something of the stark reality of smuggling and trafficking from a global to local perspective. All sorts of geography, rich resources. Detailed slides that barely scratch the surface of this extremely important but often hidden problem.

Dr. David Richards. Faculty Admissions, University of Bristol
Studying Geography (and Geology) at University. Brief intro to courses and applications at UWE, Bristol and elsewhere.

Dr. Matt Watson (University of Bristol) 25th September 2018
Volcanic Hazards in Guatemala: Lecture in pdf format

Mark Jones (UWE) 10th April 2018: Practical strategies for succeeding in geography exams.
Powerpoints, converted to pdf format. GA Event April 10 2018 Geography A level Revision skills

Dr. Alan Terry (UWE) 30th January 2018
Biofuels: a solution to climate change?. Lecture presentation in pdf format
Dr. Simon Arlidge (UWE) 30th January 2018
Population: the ‘definitive’ resource?. Lecture notes in pdf format
Dr James Palmer (University of Bristol) 30th January 2018
The Volkswagen emissions scandal: Taking the public for a ride?: Lecture presentation in pdf format

Dr. Katerina Michaelides (University of Bristol)
Embattled Deserts: Drylands in a Changing World: Lecture in pdf format

Gill Miller (University of Chester) 17th October 2017
Dealing with disease in Africa: Global and local responses in pdf format

Dr. Chris Spencer (Senior Lecturer, UWE) 26th September 2017
Management of coastal system focusing on the Somerset coastline in pdf format

Mark Jones (UWE) 4th April 2017: Practical strategies for succeeding in geography exams. Powerpoints, converted to pdf format.Geography A-level Revision skills

Prof. Chad Staddon (Professor in Resource Economics and Policy, UWE) 31st January 2017
Thirsty Cities: Might our ever-expanding cities be both the cause and the solution to the burgeoning water crisis? in pdf format
Dr. Alan Terry (Senior Lecturer in Human Geography, UWE) 31st January 2017
Enhancing water security in poor communities: options and outcomes in pdf format
Calum Warriner (Undergraduate BA Geography students, UWE) 31st January 2017
Researching water-related issues in Kenya – undergraduate project in pdf format
Harry Chrispin (Undergraduate BA Geography students, UWE) 31st January 2017
Researching water-related issues in Uganda – undergraduate project in pdf format

Dr.Sean Fox (Bristol) 29th November 2016 “Population, Politics & Development in the Urban Age” in pdf format

  • On re-evaluating the drivers of urban population change in Africa, Sean wrote up some of his research in an LSE blog post
  • On the politics of slums, here are two articles (one from a Kenyan newspaper and one from an NGO newsletter) that provide useful case study material on the politics of slum settlements in Kenya.
  • On cities and sustainability, here is a great Guardian article
  • Prof. Rich Pancost (Bristol) 18th October 2016 “The Global Carbon Cycle: Recording the Evolution of Earth, from the origin of life to the industrialization of the planet” in pdf format

    Dr.Chris Spencer (UWE) 27th September 2016 “Coastal Systems and Management: Case study – Dawlish Warren” in pdf format

    Prof. Alex Anesio (Bristol) 3rd February 2016 “Glaciers as a biome: The hidden biodiversity of the Arctic and Antarctica” in pdf format

    Dr. Mark Jackson (Bristol) 3rd February 2016 “The Postcolonial Arctic: Questions from a Changing North” in pdf format

    Prof. Jonathan Bamber (Bristol) 3rd February 2016
    “Polar Governance, Security and Geography” in pdf format

    Dr. Jenny Hill (UWE) 1st December 2015 “Africa’s dry zones: Feast or famine?” in pdf format

    Dr. Ann Laudati (Bristol) 4th November 2015 “Congo’s Curse: Unearthing the link between Natural Resources and Violent Conflict” in pdf format

    Dr. Alan Terry (UWE) 6th October 2015: “Improving the quality of Water Resources in Uganda” in pdf format (see links within presentation for further resources)

    Mark Jones (UWE) 25th March 2015: Practical strategies for succeeding in geography exams. Powerpoints, converted to pdf format GA_Revision_skills_2015.

    Dr. Jenny Hill (UWE) 4th February 2015:“Ecotourism” in pdf format and associated journal article

    Dr. Stroma Cole (UWE) 4th February 2015: “Community-based tourism” in pdf format

    Dr. Katsu Goda (Bristol) 11th November 2014: “Cascading risks” in pdf format

    Dr. Andrew Tallon (UWE) 8th October 2014: “Urban regeneration in China” in pdf format

    Dr. Simon Arlidge (UWE) 27th Sept 2014: “China population” in pdf format.

    Mark Jones (UWE) 26th March 2014: Practical strategies for succeeding in geography exams. Powerpoints, converted to pdf format Revision_skills_with_notes or Revision_skills_without_notes for teachers/students.

    George Lunt (AECOM), 5th February 2014: “Transport Modelling” in pdf format

    Prof. Graham Parkhurst (UWE, Centre for Transport Studies): “Collective Mobility” in pdf format

    Sam Harris (Univ. Bristol), 5th February 2014: “Pedalpowertransport” in pdf format see also Sam’s website

    Ian Barrett (Sustrans), 5th February 2014: “Sustrans and urban transport” in pdf format

    Dr. Rich Harris (Univ. Bristol), 12th Nov 2013: “Migration and Ethnic Segregation in a World City: London” in pdf format
    Presentation includes many links including data visualisations using Google Motion Charts – Ethno-demographic change in English local authorities, 1991-2011

    Dr, Malcolm Fairbrother (Univ. Bristol), 9th Oct 2013 “Rich People, Poor People,and
    Environmental Concern” in pdf format

    Dr. Chris Parker (UWE), 19th Sept 2013: “Why do rivers flood?” in pdf format