Resources (teachers)

Pdf version of taks from UWE/GA Summer Conference June 2019

M Jones – Keynote:The Promise Of Geography
Aida Abzhaparova – Global Governance
Andrew Tallon – Regeneration Issues in Bristol
Harry West – ArcGIS Online and Survey123
Nevil Wyndham Quinn & Michael Horswell – The Water Cycle and HydroBites

CPD event for teachers Oct 11th 2016

“Why do we make the quantitative material so unappealing? It’s not just about the chi-test.”

Slides presented by Prof. Richard Harris (Univ. Bristol) in discussion with geography practitioners

What are Quantitative Skills?

These slides were originally prepared for a RGS Pearson event held in London in October 2016, where Richard illustrates ways to engage in “geographical story-telling with data”. All slides presented at that event (large pdf file) can be down loaded from here)

Carbon Cycle stuff

Global Carbon Budget

Atmosphere Ocean data via Climate Data Library



Data file. CO2 21st Nov 2017