Current programme (for schools)

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Autumn lectures for Y12-13
Lectures will be held at the Peel Lecture Theatre School of Geographical Sciences, University of Bristol, BS8 1SS. Lectures and conference are most suitable for post-16 students and teachers. The talk will generally be 45 min, follwed by Q&A.

Wednesday  27th Sep 2023 7 – 8.30 pm
Dr. Gemma Coxon (University of Bristol)
‘The future of the UK’s water supply’

Water and Carbon Cycles (AQA)
Earth Life Support Systems; Geographical Debates (OCR)
Physical Systems and Sustainability (Edexcel)

This event will also include a brief session on UCAS advice.

Tuesday 17th Oct 2023 7 – 8 pm
Dr. Chris Spencer (University of the West of England)
‘Managing Bristol region and North Somerset coastlines’

Coastal Systems and Landscapes (AQA)
Landscape (Coastal) Systems (OCR)
Landscape Systems, Process and Change (Coasts) (Edexcel)

Thursday 16th Nov 2023 7 – 8 pm
Dr. Liam Saddington (University of Cambridge)
‘Beyond ‘Sinking Islands’: resisting climate change in Tuvalu’

Tuesday 5th Dec 2023 7 – 8 pm
Dr. Pete Rowley (University of Bristol)
‘The unknown unknowns – uncertainty in volcanic hazard assessment’
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Hazards (AQA)
Geographical Debates (OCR)
Dynamic Landscapes (Edexcel)

WorldWise Quiz for Y10-11
For many years, local schools have hosted this fun Geography quiz, run by the Bristol Branch, affiliated to the GA. QEH Bristol won this event in 2022, QEH Bristol won this event in 2022.

Thursday 9th November 2023 6 – 8 pm,
WWQ. This event was due to be held at QEH, but will now be at the University of Bristol to accommodate demand. Spaces still available, 11 schools signed up so far.

Please contact BristolGA to register interest in attending (1 or 2 teams of 3 students)