Josh Savory, KESBath, posts on ‘Carbon Cycle and Land Use’ lecture by Dr. House

Dr Jo House, University of Bristol, presented the final lecture of the Bristol GA Autumn Series and focussed on the topic of carbon cycle and forests. She presented compelling arguments about the concerns regarding climate change and increasing levels of greenhouse gases: What is clear is that climate change is an unprecedented global problem that will affect the world’s population.

One of the principal carbon management solutions being used today that could be implemented more broadly is protection of the largest carbon sink on the planet – forests. Protection of carbon sinks could be achieved through a reduction in deforestation in developing countries such as Brazil and an increase in tree planting programmes across the globe. A key summary point Dr Jo House shared is that as developing countries start using more energy for industry they need to actively introduce more sustainable sources of energy to prevent increasing carbon levels. The lecture was a ‘sell-out’ and provided excellent detail about this topical issue.

Josh Savory
Year 12
King Edward’s School, Bath

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