Harry West offers advice on use of ArcGIS Survey123 in the class/field

On Feb 8th 2024, Dr Harry West, Bristol GA committee member, and senior lecturer at UWE, provided insightful advice on how to engage students at both school and higher education settings with geolocated data. This was a twilight CPD event for local teachers. Support provided from the GA (via Sheila Jones Legacy Fund) for venue and refreshments.

We took advantage of the great facilities in the Haggett Computing Laboratory, School of Geographical Sciences, University of Bristol to explore the software link to ESRI website, and trial questionnaires on our phones.

Image of computer screen with geolocated data

Geolocated data collected using a simple questionnaire in ArcGIS Survey123

Teachers design questionnaire with ESRI ArcGIS Survey123

Teachers work on production of a simple questionnaire using ArcGIS Survey123

Thanks Harry!

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