Report from Clifton College about Gill Miller’s lecture on disease

Anouska C-J and Oscar L reporting..
On the 17th October 2017, a small group of Geography A-level students from Clifton College attended a lecture at Bristol University on disease, but specifically the diseases Ebola and Jiggers.

Gill Miller (University of Chester), Junior Vice President of the Geographical Association (2017-8)

The lecturer Gill Miller, the newly appointed vice president of the GA‚Äč, spoke about the different levels of action that can be taken in the event of an outbreak and how successfully, depending on the interaction between levels, the outbreak is dealt with as well as how quickly. She also went into in depth detail about the two diseases themselves, and what effects they have on people themselves and their lives, as well as the lives of the people around them. Another theme of the lecture was the importance of women in healthcare services and the prevention of the disease spreading further. We found this lecture both fascinating and informative, and thought that it was well worth going to. It also acted as a very good introduction to the topic of disease, which we will be studying in the near future as part of our A-level syllabus. Also, it was a useful revision tool for the current U6 who have already studied this topic, as well as providing some extra facts and information about the dilemmas of diseases. By Anouska C-J and Oscar L (Clifton College)

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