Backwell take first place in Temple Island development competition

(Ed: Apologies for delayed report!)

The GA Spring Competition. Decision-making exercise focused on urban regeneration. 25th Feb 2020.

A month or so after January’s successful boat trip to Temple Quarter in Bristol, students were asked to rapidly produce posters detailing their proposed plan for the future development of Temple Island.

Teams were expected to consider issues related to equality, inclusion, representation, identity, globalisation, interdependence, mitigation, adaptation, sustainability risk, and resilience.

Imaginative solutions were called for, but consideration of the potentail negative impacts was also expected.

Six schools too part (Backwell, Redmaids’ High School, Clifton College, St. Mary Redcliffe and Temple, Wells and Queen Elizabeth Hospital). Nine teams or 3-4, judges, scorers and teachers (offering guidance but not advice) made for a manic session, plenty of action, verging on mayhem!

“Tools of the trade”. Context and colour.

Posters were produced in rapid fashion, followed by the crafting of a group presentation, covering all expected ground in a few minutes. Everbody stepped up the challenge and delivered three versions to three judges, taking feedback onboard.

“A splash of colour and plenty of facts”

Great content (and new font). Sarah Almond (University of Bristol, Faculty of Science Engagement Officer) considers mark and offers constructive feedback after a poster presentation

“Well done Backwell” Garry Atterton presents cup to a representative of the winning team.

Backwell School team: (L to R) Emma Brunton, Jessica Windsor, Phoebe Monkman and Laura Weaver

Thanks to all the contestants, accompanying teachers, and the GA team (Janet Neil, Michelle Graffagnino, Sarah Almond, Andrew Tallon, Garry Atterton and Simon Killen).

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